Pastor Joey Faust was born in Columbia, S.C. For part of his childhood, he lived in the rural, Blythewood, S.C. area, where many of his forefathers on his father’s side were members of some of the oldest Baptist churches in the state (Sandy Level Baptist, etc.). He is a descendant of the Edwards family through his grandmother on his mother’s side.

As a child, he had an interest in playing guitar, and in reading and writing books (twice he received an honorable mention award for original books for his elementary school district). He also loved horses, and the outdoors, and was able to become an Equestrian camp counselor (YMCA) at a very young age. These early years as a camp counselor helped prepare him for future leadership roles as a pastor. The YMCA camp, with some Sunday school attendance, provided him with some Biblical foundations he may not have otherwise received. As a child, he believed in the Lord, and the Gospel, as much as he could understand it.

During these early days of childhood, he felt a call to become a pastor. He can remember having one of his friends sit and pretend to be at the church, as he preached to him. Yet, he also had a desire to be a famous guitar player (like many children in his day); and for a time, this desire overshadowed any other goals. He started taking guitar lessons at an early age; and he was playing in bands with older teens when he was 13, and experiencing all that came with this lifestyle.

When he was 16, he moved to Texas, and before long was teaching guitar as a job, with 60 students a week. He continued to work as a guitar teacher, and play in bar bands, and soon gained the respect of some who would go on to become famous in the Satanic world of rock music. It was during these days that he had a terrible car wreck in his revelry, and with some other disappointments in his career, he began to fear God and hate his own sinfulness. He saw the vanity of the world in which he was living. When many others would be seeking and enjoying the possibilities of future success, he began to strangely study history, and read the whole Bible, and seek after God. His new desires and knowledge alienated him further and further from the world he knew, and his former friends. It was during this time that he understood more perfectly the Gospel, and fully trusted Jesus for the forgiveness of sins.

After attending various churches, he began to research for hours, daily, in seminary libraries, as he grew in understanding and discernment. After reading books by men like Dave Hunt, he began to seek a church that was not infected with psychological views. Ironically, one of the only churches¬Ě at the time that could give a clear answer to why psychology should not be mixed with the Bible, was an outreach to the un-churched (Christian rockers, etc.). In one way, he had an open door with these people. Yet, in other ways, he was disgusted in seeing the things that he was leaving in the rebellious, music world, brought into Christianity and the churches. It was in the midst of this work that he became a weekly Bible study teacher and assistant pastor.

When the former pastor resigned, he was left with what remained of this flock. After a period of time, as he began to rebuild it, he was called as the official pastor; and he still pastors a core of people from these original days.

He was baptized by George Geuea (1905-2002), who had been a “right hand man” to Evangelist Lester Roloff and other men of God (i.e. Bill Dowl), before attending church with Pastor Faust.

It has been almost twenty years, and he has learned that worldly rebellion destroys marriages, and families, and true Christian growth. He labors to teach and warn as many as will hear of the dangers of worldliness in music and lifestyle, and of the rebellious attitudes that accompany so much of it. He can speak with experience, having been a leader in this rebellious world, outside and inside the church.

Along with this, he has seen firsthand the famine of the true fear of the Lord in these perilous times. This has moved him to author The Rod: Will God Spare It? in 2003. This book reveals how the Devil has tricked many Christians away from fearing God and seeking true holiness. In 2011, Faust has authored his second major book, titled, The Word: God Will Keep It. It documents how Satan has deceived many Christians into believing that we do not have an infallible Bible today.

In 1993, Faust first met and married his dear wife, Ebbye, in his church. They now have five children (four girls and one boy). She has been a sweet, cheerful complement to him, and a wonderful help to his pastoral ministry.

Pastor Joey Faust may be reached via email at or you may call him at 417 255 5610.