Harold Camping Is Inspired By Satan

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First of all, anyone who teaches that the Lord will delay His coming is an evil servant (Mt. 24). The Lord may come at any moment. While we are certainly in the last days, no one knows the day or hour of the Lord’s return.

On one side are devil-inspired men like Camping (whether he is sincere or not), who the world loves to give publicity. On the other side are the scorners that the Bible teaches will arise in the last days that will mock the coming of the Lord, based on numerous failed predictions.

The truth of the matter (as documented at http://www.kingdombaptist.org) is that the majority of Christians and “learned men” did not believe the Lord would reteurn in their day. They certainly looked for Him, in case He came “suddenly” and cut the time short. However, based on the six days of Genesis, as a prophecy (as well as literal history), they looked for Jesus to come 6000 years after Adam’s creation, which most determined to be near the year 2000. We are therefore in the general time that almost all men believers in history looked for Jesus to come. Israel is a nation and the stage is set for end time prophecies. But we must remember that one of the main prophecies about the end times concerns scoffers (see Jude and 2 Peter). Therefore, after William Miller in 1843, and Y2K, and other false prophets (as well as the commercialization of the end times by novels and Hollywood), we can be sure that when they shall say “peace and safety” the Lord will come! Look for Him today, and make sure you are born again through faith alone in His Blood, and also make sure you are watching and praying in holiness to escape (Luke 21:36).

In 1998, I wrote that the world would not end in the year 2000, but that scoffers would arise, and postmillennialism would abound in the fall out. I wrote that strange things do sometimes occur on “dates” set by certain folks. However, before this world ends and the kingdom of God is established on earth, there must be a terrible period called the Tribulation Period, wherein the Antichrist reigns. That is why we knew the world would not end in 2000. However, the Lord could have appeared to take His watching saints off the earth. This event can occur at any time. I did also warn people to “hold on to their flashlights.” In other words, don’t sell your survival gear and other rations, since the Bible predicts perilous times in general and weather calamities are predicted in the end times. In the past ten years, this has proven to be a reality. The Bible is always right when interpreted plainly. There is no Scripture that teaches that Jesus will return on May 21. We must rebuke this wickedness on one side, while we also rebuke the scoffers and liberals and unbelievers on the other side, that love to raise up men who sound like lunatics in order to mock the real thing!

Joey Faust, J.D. Faust, Kingdom Baptist,

Author: Pastor Joey Faust