Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. – Jude 1:7

 True Love

A man hard of hearing is walking on train tracks. A long black train is on path to plow into this man. Two men are on the side of the tracks. The first man smiles and tells the man on the tracks very kindly that all is well, the second man yells at the man on the tracks to warn him of his fate. Which man showed love, which man showed hate?

The Christians of Kingdom Baptist Church desire that none should perish, that all should come to a knowledge of eternal salvation by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Likewise, they desire that believers walk in obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ, that they be not punished at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

This is love. This love does not end with the homosexual community but is increased. We know, by the word of God, the sorrow this sin brings forth. We know of the judgment a holy God will deliver should these sins not be repented of. Hate would be to say nothing, love would be to warn of the judgment to come.

One Is Not “Several”

The Dallas Voice and David Taffet recently posted an article about Kingdom Baptist Church’s involvement in last years sodomite pride parade and what they can expect this year.

Fort Worth police plan zero tolerance of foul language or other disruptions at the Tarrant County Pride parade and festival on Oct. 6. Last year several protesters affiliated with Kingdom Baptist Church in the Johnson County town of Venus were cited for disorderly conduct for harassing Pride attendees – David Taffet

One person affiliated with Kingdom Baptist Church was arrested at last year’s parade. Any others arrested had no affiliation with Kingdom Baptist Church. The one who was cited and arrested, was arrested for allegedly saying the “F-Word” (not for harassing Pride attendees), this preacher never used this word or any other profane word. However, there was a sodomite on a bike that used the word three times without getting arrested but actually got a pat on the back by a Fort Worth Police Officer. In summary, the sodomite says the “F-Word” three times, gets patted on the back and not arrested. The Christian preacher does not say the “F-Word”, does not get a pat on the back, and gets arrested for saying the “F-Word”. For proof of this go to the 1:19 mark of this YouTube Video.

Policing “Hate”

“FWPD Sgt. Kathi Jones, an honorary grand marshal of this year’s parade said she’s arranged for two police Zero Tolerance teams and undercover intelligence to assist traffic officers hired by the Tarrant County Gay Pride Week Association. Jones said Chief Jeffrey Halstead agreed to provide the extra officers because of what happened last year.

“I have never seen so much hate in my life from someone who claims to be Christian,” Jones said.

 She said this year, protesters will receive only one warning before being arrested. – David Taffet

There wasn’t much doubt last year about whose side the Fort Worth Police were on. It’s hard to go against city hall right? The mayor of the city, Betsy Price, made sure it was known whose side she was on as she served as a co-grand marshal in the parade. Nationally known sodomite and council member, Joel Burns, made certain to have a banner in the parade. In a symbolic gesture, at the end of the parade route, the police stood on one side lined up against the preachers. Two Christians were assaulted, one was spit on, and all were repeatedly cursed at and there were no arrests for theses infractions. Yet, when it was time to play hero to the crowd the officers arrested a preacher for no cause and presented a false accusation to make the arrest.

Last year they may have at least feigned to have some fairness and objectivity in their policing. Let there be no doubt about this year, as they are already lining up against the Christians and are apparently taking their marching orders from a parade participant. Does the reader see what is happening here? The FWPD is not there to serve and protect all citizens as objective law enforcement officers, they have a member of their department in the parade themselves and this parade participant is calling the shots! Not to be overlooked and just as last year, it is the Tarrant County Gay Pride Week Association that is hiring these officers. Perhaps, the Christians would receive a fairer shake if they hired their own officers?


Contacted this week, Kingdom Baptist Church Pastor Joey Faust seemed to be looking forward to the parade as much as members of the LGBT community. Asked by Dallas Voice whether he would attend, Faust said: “Of course. We wouldn’t miss that. – David Taffet

Nobody looks forward to these events. We all have other things we would prefer to be doing and I for one, am praying God sends a deluge of rain that washes the event out. Yet we have a duty before God to warn of the wrath that is to come. On the same day of the parade there is going to be a topless car wash at a strip club in Fort Worth. This is what Fort Worth has become. God is not mocked and whatsoever a man sows he shall reap. Currently Fort Worth is sowing corruption and should it remain on this path it will reap the whirlwind. A formerly conservative city has become a cesspool of depravity with depraved leaders, leading the way.

What Pastor Joey Faust said and what it should’ve “seemed” to Mr. Taffet:

 I never said I was looking forward to it. I said, “I wouldn’t want to miss that.” – meaning the opportunity to take a stand; the fact that there is a cause worth rebuking, etc.- Joey Faust

 What’s Not Said

 “Thomas Anable, who was named grand marshal before his death in August, will be honored with a riderless car followed by members of Fairness Fort Worth, the group he helped form in 2009 after the Rainbow Lounge raid.” – David Taffet

The loss of any life is a grave matter and of great sorrow. Our condolences and sympathy go out to those that cared for Mr. Anable and survived him. What is not stated by Mr. Taffet is, this is the long black train that Christians warned Mr. Anable of. We desired that he not go down the path of destruction via the sins of fornication and sodomy. We warned him so that he not perish in this life and he not face Hell and the Lake of Fire in the next. This is love. His “friends” told him to continue on and patted him on the back and now he is dead and facing fire. The way of the transgressor is hard says the Holy Bible, Mr. Anable no doubt knew how hard his way had become and his transgressions led him to take his own life. May no more perish. In spite of our wickedness, God’s hand is outstretched still.

Author: jhembd