Have You Drugged Your Kids Today? Probably.

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“PHOENIX, AZ (KOLD) – A teacher is fighting to get her job back after being fired over a bumper sticker. The bumper sticker asks, “Have you drugged your kid today?”. Tarah Ausburn says she was let go after she refused to remove it.

She says its criticism for people who tend to over-medicate hyperactive kids. But she says she did not share her opinion in class. Ausburn says she is trying to get her job back, claiming that her first amendment rights were violated…”

Good for you Tarah Ausburn. And shame on the school who fired you. Placing children on speed and cocaine and such like so they will sit still and “concentrate” is insanity. The Bible says the nations are mad. It is a prophecy. Maybe this is because they grow up, never facing reality; never learning to control themselves, but always using drugs as a crutch. When my generation grew up, ludes and black beauties had to be secretly obtained. Now they are given out by parents and school nurses, and such like. The names have changed, but the drugs are pretty much the same. And all of this is what happens when people reject God’s ways. Because the PADDLE is gone from home and school, the DRUGS have been brought in to replace it. And you can bet the drug companies (PUSHERS) are behind the propaganda that is picked up my silly feminists to promote all this. And here we have an apparently rational school teacher on this issue. Good for her.

Tell the principle of this school what you think: John.Buzzard@imagineschools.com

Joey Faust, J.D. Faust, Kingdom Baptist, The Rod: Will God Spare It? 4oo years of KJV Onlyism: The History of the King James Bible Only Movement

Author: Pastor Joey Faust