Koran Burning: The Madness Of General Petraeus

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“The Quran burning by a Florida church, which sparked three days of deadly rioting in Afghanistan, poses new dangers for the U.S.-led war effort against the Taliban, coalition commander U.S. Gen. David Petraeus warned in an interview.” http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703806304576240643831942006.html?mod=WSJ_hp_MIDDLENexttoWhatsNewsSecond

So we are to understand that one simple Christian pastor expressing his religious beliefs in an age that has become so drunk on toleration – at least in regard to everything but intolerant Christianity – is dangerous to the war effort?

Yet, our own military bombing civilians, and invading the Middle East, with horrible war crimes reportedly committed by some of our soldiers  - we are to overlook these things and concentrate on one man burning the Koran? This is INSANITY!

It is an attempt to bully people into a toleration that our founding fathers never imagined. The true doctrine of toleration is the trophy of the Baptists. They brought it, and taught it to America. It means that no one will be persecuted for religious beliefs. It never means everyone has to accept every belief! Many of those who nag so much about toleration for homosexuality are intolerant of bestiality and pedophilia (and rightly so). Where will they be tomorrow as the culture continues it downward slide?

There is a movement among many Christian churches in America to adopt the Koran alongside the Bible! These churches are marching in line, exactly the way the new world order, one super church builders have outlined. They are drunk on the Masonic propaganda.

If a Christian pastor rightly believes that the Koran is a dangerous book, spiritually and practically, and that it tells Muslims to kill Jews and Christians (I have documented the many plain verses elsewhere), and he decides to make a statement by burning this book, it is insanity to accuse him of endangering soldiers. To do so enslaves Christians (and all Americans) with chains. It is an attempt to bully them into accepting the new age religion that sees all religions as equal.

May Christians always be as harmless as doves, and as wise as serpents. May we rebuke error wherever it is found, and expose evil. And we must remember that this new age, one world, mixing of religions, needs this insane doctrine of toleration, to accomplish their goals.

While we may or may not feel called to burn a Koran, every Christian must stand valiantly against this Humanistic doctrine of tolerating everything – in such a way as to mean that no one can utter a word or protest against any view (except Christianity).

Author: Pastor Joey Faust