Texas is rapidly changing due to its lax policies concerning illegal immigration. It is quickly becoming an extension of Mexico, politically and socially (Google “changing demographics of Texas,” etc.).

We have already noted that under Texas law (“presumed intent”), your organs can be harvested from your body (obviously, while you are still alive), if you remain unconscious, etc., and cannot be identified within a few hours! Now, notice the latest in medical tyranny in Texas:

“I’M NOT DEAD YET! SURPRISE! LOOK WHO’S GETTING POWER TO KILL YOU – New bill in works would end life despite patient, family wishes…A new bill advancing through the Texas Legislature would allow doctors to decide when you die, giving them the authority to issue ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders regardless of the wishes expressed by patients or their families. The legislation, known as Texas S.B. 303, is sponsored by State Sen. Bob Duell, vice chair of the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. Duell is a Republican, and the GOP holds the majority in the chamber. The bill has already been approved by the committee…’The problem is that there’s no definition of imminent. There used to be a definition in the law that said your death is considered imminent if you’re going to die in minutes to hours. Now we’ve got some people who say if you’re going to die within six months or you’re going to die within a year, that means your death is imminent. So what this bill is saying, essentially, is that if the doctor thinks that you’re going to maybe die in six months, maybe in a year and they say, ‘We think this is immi nent,’ then you don’t even have the right to try to go somewhere and ask that this Do Not Resuscitate order be lifted…’…Balch said the bill gets worse. Family guardians and surrogates would also be overruled by the doctor’s decision. In addition, the language could also endanger people with nonthreatening conditions if medical professionals determine their quality of life is too poor…”

“…Under Section 4 of the bill, a member of clergy can make a decision to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment if the patient does not have a legal guardian or an agent under a medical power of attorney. The bill does not specify whether or not the member of clergy has to know specifics about the patient’s medical conditions or wishes….”

Roman Catholics in Texas are behind thi s bill:

“Catholic bishops endorse Texas ‘death panels’ bill…The bill has been endorsed, however, by a small pro-life group, Texas Alliance for Life, and the Roman Catholic bishops of the Lone Star State. Texas Alliance for Life describes itself as a non-partisan and non-denominational pro-life organization. However, it is housed at the same address as the offices of St. Austin Catholic Parish in Austin, Texas, adjacent to the campus of the University of Texas. In a statement released in January, the bishops declared that they were joining a coalition of the ‘state’s largest pro-life organizations, healthcare providers, and religious denominations’ in support of the bill, stating that it would ‘improve the state’s handling of end-of-life care in a way that balances the protections of human life and a medical provider’s conscience’…”

Pray and hope. But what is next? The Roman Catholic leadership is socialist, anti-gun, etc. What  laws will they make, as they largely control the masses flooding into Texas? What happens when these illegals are given full voting rights?:

“Immigration reform could be bonanza for Dems – The immigration proposal pending in Congress would transform the nation’s political landscape…pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate…comprehensive immigration reform…in its current form offers a pathway to citizenship – and full vot ing rights – for a group of undocumented residents that roughly equals the population of Ohio…”

More reasons to head to the hills…

Author: Pastor Joey Faust