Men Choose More Feminine Dress for Wives

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Men complaining of frumpy wives were given the chance to choose their wive’s clothes. In each case, these men (who are not Christians or fundamentalists as far as is known) chose DRESSES or, in one case, something that looked like a flowing dress! They are not perfect with modesty standards, but it does reveal the basic fact that has been proven again and again – men do not want women to look like men! A woman’s strength and glory is her beauty. Who wants a woman to have short hair, scorched with chemicals, and farmer’s trousers or sweats? Aside from the fact that cross-dressing is an abomination (Deut. 22. 1 Cor. 6), it also makes the world a more dreary place! When my wife and daughters are in stores, etc., we continually get asked, “What is so different? It is lovely.” I respond that you are simply seeing what girls and ladies are supposed to look like. You are seeing long hair and flowing garments, and it really makes a difference. Almost all men know this – most are simply too passive to do anything about it. They lie to their wives and sadly accept their lot in life – no flowers – no beauty – no glories of femininity.  This article above shows again what many other studies have shown – men are not happy with manly women.

Author: Pastor Joey Faust