Perfuming Men

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“But especially eschew to be effeminate in your clothes, in perfuming, preening, or such like…and make not a fool of yourself in disguising or wearing long your hair or nails, which are but excrements of nature…” – (King James VI and I)

I noticed the word “alum” on my spray deodorant. Long ago, we stopped the general, store-bought deodorants due to the fact that they contain aluminium. This aluminium has been linked to Alzheimers and Dementia (and other problems such as breast cancer, etc.). Most store-bought deodorants also contain propylene glycol (anti-freeze), BHT (another hormone disrupter and nerve disrupter), etc.

The “stick” (or “spray”) crystal-salt-deodorants have claimed to be healthy-alternatives (Thai Sticks, stones, etc.). I thought it would be wise to see if any additional information had arisen about the form of aluminium they use. The form these deodorants contain is called Potassium Alum (in contrast to the Aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium). They claim this is “natural.” It is also found in shaving cream, lotions, etc.

Yet, most of these “natural aluminium” deodorants are actually manufactured using dangerous chemicals (similar to the synthetic-vitamin issue). But the biggest problem is that aluminium in general has found to be (no surprise here), estrogenic. This is the reason for the link to breast cancer (but in males, the issue is, once again, making you soft and passive, infertile, etc.).

Is there any end to this conspiracy to create a race of androgynous humanoids? Remember, it goes back to the Gnostic/occult view of Genesis, that Adam was originally androgynous (neither male or female – see Blavatsky, and modern preachers such as Kenneth Copeland). They believe God is also androgynous. They believe that when Adam fell, the result was the division into male and female. Therefore, the path back to God (who they believe is androgynous) is to once again (according to them) become bi-sexual, etc. This is the “theology” behind the so-called “empowerment of women” and the feminizing of men. Mix these secret-society, occult, new-world order, new-age types, with the secular, billionaire population-control fanatics, and you get a group of powerful, rich mad-men, with a desire to create an andgrogynous race of people (i.e., cattle), whether the “masses” like it or not.

This is no-doubt why it is no accident that estrogenic, testosterone disruptors are found in the chemical in mass mosquito spraying, the chemical in GMO (Round Up Ready) foods, etc. It is also the reason for the mass marketing of flax, Canola oil, soy, etc., and the fact that you can hardly buy anything that is not in estrogenic plastic (even the lining of canned foods and milk cartons).

There are some lazy men who believe they have “so much masculinity” that they can spare to lose some. But they are usually quite emotional and whiny! (Like the men who recently dressed in pink ballerina-tutus in a race for breast cancer research, with the slogan, “Man enough to wear pink” – may the Lord save us from such incredible “manliness”!). Nevertheless, we must understand that these estrogen substances also cause cancer, and are neurotoxins, etc.

Aluminium (like Cadmium), mimics estrogen, and causes damage to DNA. There is no evidence that this so-called “healthy” form of aluminium is any less dangerous. Many now believe potassium alum can be absorbed by the skin and result in the same problems as aluminium chlorohydrate.

I believe it is safer to stick with more Biblical ways of hygiene, such as regular washing with natural soap, and the use of healthy essential oils, etc.


Author: jhembd