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1. $2000 to finish a water well that provides water to Miss Debra’s cabin (who teaches the

children, and minister’s to women, etc.). This water well will also be used for the future church

building, as well as for visitors who want to visit us in the Ozarks to be refreshed. The well has

already been dug. It just needs the pump, the pump­house, etc.

2. $2500 for a septic tank in the same area as above.

3. A pick up truck (any condition, that runs). This is for many things, such as hauling trees to our

saw­mill for building.

4. Any amount to help finish pastor’s house/office.

5. Monthly support is very helpful at this time, regardless of how small.

Our goals are to continue to grow our church here; establish our area as a place of refreshment and

retreat for traveling, Christian families; hold regular camp meetings/conferences and events to

strengthen and encourage believers in the faith; have a Christian youth camp, etc.

Pastor Faust is writing a large book on Christian health and diet, as well as other, smaller books.

Your monthly support helps greatly.

Sophek Tounn (with the help of Mike Berzins), of our church, is about to release “Beyond Off-
Grid,” a new documentary (, in June!

We want to greatly thank those who take the time to give to our various ministries. There are few

who will even endure, much less, support, sound doctrine. Your prayers and financial support are

therefore a great blessing to us! To give an offering, send a check or money order to:

Kingdom Baptist Church

P.O. Box 410

Theodosia, MO 65761

Or, for Pay Pal, please consider a gift to Fundamental Books at:

Author: Pastor Joey Faust