Response To The Preacher Who Time Forgot

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Bud Kennedy of the Star-Telegram published an article in the Star-Telegram regarding the arrest of Pastor Faust at a sodomite pride parade on Main Street in downtown Fort Worth. Pastor Faust posted a comment on the article which appeared briefly but was subsequently removed by the Star-Telegram. We are posting Bud Kennedy’s article and Pastor Fausts’s response below:


The Preacher Who Time Forgot – Jailed 20 Hours

Posted Thursday October 11, 2012 – Star Telegram

Even for North Texas’ most obnoxious street preacher, it was a first.

“I was in jail with drug dealers, thieves and burglars,” Joey Faust said, describing what happened last weekend when he tried to preach his way through the crowd after the annual gay and lesbian Pride Parade.

For more than 10 years, Faust and a few worshippers from Kingdom Baptist Church in rural Johnson County have protested wherever they might get attention — theaters, bars, company headquarters.

He had never gone to jail.

Until Saturday.

Tailing the 32nd annual Pride Parade with his church’s message of fire and brimstone, he found police blocking a Main Street sidewalk.

“One officer said, ‘If you take a step across the line, I’ll arrest you,’” Faust said by phone Thursday.

“So I took a step across the line.”

Police arrested Faust, 46, and Ramon Marroquin, 33, both of rural Johnson County.

Both face up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine on a possible Class B misdemeanor charge of “interfering” with public duties, which includes wasting officers’ time.

Faust spent 20 hours in the Mansfield Jail, he said.

He complained that police arrested him “just for preaching.” But he and police have carefully gone over the noise and nuisance laws regulating his church’s weekly preaching appearances near the Sundance Square bars.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say you get to horn in on somebody else’s parade.

Last year, a church member was arrested and faced a disorderly conduct charge after a paradegoer thought he heard an obscenity over the hand-held PA system. That charge was dropped, Faust said.

Kingdom Baptist has only a handful of members. Faust calls it an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church.

On the website, Faust fears “The Occultic Conspiracy To Replace The King James Bible.”

He preaches against all manner of Satanic influences, including Catholicism, Mormonism, ecumenicalism — yes, even Glenn Beck.

In 2001, church members picketed Harry Potter.

“Magic is evil,” Faust was quoted then. “Witchcraft is of the devil. Who would have imagined it would become OK to have kids reading books about witchcraft and spells and alchemy?”

The 21st century has not yet reached his corner of Johnson County.


Pastor Joey Faust’s Response To The Preacher Who Time Forgot

Mr. Kennedy is a dishonest report/writer. I said I was in jail with drug dealers and burglars who told me that we were being obviously mistreated by the Fort Worth police as a reward to the homosexual community. Mr. Kennedy decided to cut my statement and make it sound like I was whining.

And what is all of this stuff about a few members? It is to imply that no one agrees with us, and that we are archaic, and need to “move with the times.” Does Mr. Kennedy endorse gang membership, the rise in bestiality and pedophilia, etc.? Perhaps he approves of little girls taking pictures with shirtless, homosexual male strippers in the Pride Parade in downtown Fort Worth?

These arguments to “move with the times” were fresh in the 1920s, Mr. Kennedy. But, now that we have seen the fruits of your idea of ‘moral progress,’ I believe your words are a bit ‘behind the times.’

Gertrude Atherton (New York Times, March 13, 1921) mocked Christians and moralists just like you do today. She wrote, ‘There is a curious superstition that when a nation begins to dance its downfall is at hand…It is a silly old superstition…Honor? Is it decaying?…The vast majority of people…are taught that it is wiser to keep your word than to break it…’

Perhaps Gertrude would sing a different tune if she were permitted to see the rotten fruits of her ‘change with the times – at all costs ‘ philosophy. Bud Kennedy should grow up and be more responsible.

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