Student Commits Suicide Day After (Demonic) Hypnotism

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“North Port, Florida – Sixteen-year-old Wesley McKinley’s suicide on April 8 is raising questions about what happened one day after his principal, Dr. George Kenney, hypnotized him.

“They’re blaming him for his death,” says Bianca Cannon a senior at North Port High School.

“He was doing it for good, not telling Wesley to harm himself,” explains student Danielle Leopold.

Students say Kenney, a certified hypnotist and author, helps a lot.

“It’s no big deal. He does it for kids that need help with exams and the stress of school. A lot of seniors do it, it helps them with finals,” says Bianca….’

Hypnosis is demonic. It is divination. It is called “charming” in the Bible. The Bible warns against “charmers” and classes them with witches, etc. People are given a barrier so that devils cannot control their minds. Hypnotism, like other eastern mystical rituals, etc., break this barrier. It is wrong, and it will lead to evil spirits destroying life.

Author: Pastor Joey Faust